Saturday, November 9, 2013



Sorry guys the website will be getting more love like before but Facebook has it all usually.  The new lineup has been announced and we would all like to welcome SEAN " THE THRASHING MACHINE" ELG   on Drums, CASEY " THE SENTINEL TRASK on Guitar and DWIGHT MAGIC on the Bass.  They have already been onstage and battle tested on the road as anyone in HOUSTON TX, can attest to.  It has brought an entire new level of excitement to the band and the live performance is more dynamic than it has ever been.

There will only be one last live show in San Diego for the band in 2013 but it looks like a European run in July 2014 is in the cards including a return to some festivals!!

The focus now is on the new cd and and all that goes with it.  In case you did not know it will be our second go at a Horror-concept album.  This is based on a mini novel Sean wrote which is as of yet unnamed.  The story takes place in London England in 1869 and is very much H.P. Lovecraft influenced.  It involves some Egyptian flashbacks and is very twisted and violent of course!  The cd will ship in some cases with the printed mini book and the pre order package will of course be loaded with wild stuff!  That is slated for a second quarter 2014 release date.  Marc Sasso has been once again contracted to do the cover art!  Why go anywhere else?

In product news the HELL DESTROYER VINYL will soon be up on the website for order.  They look amazing!!  We believe PURE STEEL RECORDS is almost out of them so you will need to keep it here for all your CAGE needs.

It looks likely we will launch a new website when CD 7 is ready!