Sunday, June 10, 2012



Thanks to everyone who helped make SUPREMACY OF STEEL such a success!  It has really kicked ass for us and pushed us up the mountain one step closer!  The pre order packages were so beloved by the fans we plan an even grander pak for the next release which we are hard at work writing already.  You can be sure it will be jammed full of stuff you will love.  While there have been tons of touring offers all across this planet for us it looks like we will not be seen live until 2013 due to a few different events.  While we will not tour until next year lots of creative stuff is taking place so that when we are back on the road it will be bigger than ever.  New offers and partnerships are being negotiated and deals struck to ensure CAGE will be bigger than ever in 2013 all due to the amazing response from SUPREMACY OF STEEL.
Congrats to Norm who had his first child and is now a proud Father BTW!
The CAGE store is up and running and shipments are going out within 3-5 days now so jump on it and grab some swag.  The new SOS shirts are amazing with a huge jumbo print unlike any shirt we have ever done they are astounding.  The new SUPREMACY OF STEEL vinyls are in and are so killer!  Double LP, insert, killer graphics, hi end sleeves as well.  they ship in secure boxes so no damage will occur.  Grab them while you can there were only 525 made and we only have a few dozen left.  When they are gone they are gone!  Thanks again to everyone and please tell a fellow metal head all about us.